Make a pledge for 2023 by Jan 30th, 2023.   Our pledge target is $294,789.00 for 2023.

Please complete the form below to complete your 2023 pledge.  If you donate as family unit - only one individual needs to make a pledge on behalf of the family.   Any adult family member can return to this form at anytime to make an incremental pledge.  

Your pledge is important.   It will determine the programs we can bring to life at Valleyview and the community around us in 2023.

Please enter a Total Value  that includes any donations  already made in 2023 and the remaining months of 2023.

Total Pledge Amount =   Donations Given 2023 YTD + Anticipated Donations for the remainder of 2023.

Note: This commitment is a statement of intent and may be changed as your circumstances change.