• We are a caring and supportive Christian community that emphasizes relationships and mutual support in times of crisis.
  • We emphasize peace and justice as central to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • We have a strong intergenerational character where children and youth are valued and loved


The people who attend Valleyview come from a broad range of backgrounds and are involved in a broad range of things.  We are teachers, doctors, nurses, musicians, and taxi drivers.  Some of us are students and others are professors.  We are lawyers and computer consultants. We are social service workers and construction workers, business owners and stay at home parents.  Some of us are currently unemployed and some of us are retired.  We have a diverse educational background with some people who have doctoral degrees and others who have not completed high school and everything in between.  Most of us were born in Canada, but others were born in one of eight other countries.  In addition, many of us have travelled or lived in other countries for work, study, service, or leisure. We grew up Mennonite, Catholic, Orthodox, United, Presbyterian, Missionary church, Christian Reformed, Old Dutch Reformed, and non-Christian.  While about 30% of us were not raised in a Mennonite Church, as a congregation we resonate with and are connected with Mennonite Church Canada.


While some of our members live in close proximity to the church, many come from farther away.  We come from all over the city of London, as well as Dorchester, Thamesford, Aylmer, Strathroy, Ailsa Craig, Komoka, Zurich and Parkhill. People are willing to drive to be part of this congregation where we emphasize community and relationships, peace and social justice, diverse theology, intergenerational connections, and rich worship.  We come together from many places to worship God and to strive to live out and into the Gospel of Jesus Christ together.